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Want to Help Make a Difference?
Here's Where the Money is Going:

As a nonprofit, making quick cash was never our forte. Luckily, we have kind-hearted supporters(like you!) who have helped us continue.

We hope to be able to continue helping young students learn throughout the future, and every little contribution helps us take a step closer towards reaching our goal. 

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Message of Hope

In early 2021, Tutorstars Basics Inc. made a generous contribution to the Happy Hope Foundation, an organization dedicated towards providing access to basic necessities and toys to children in need.

Silver Lining Missions

Towards the end of 2020, Tutorstars Basics Inc. donated nearly half of our net profit to Silver Lining Missions, a philanthropic nonprofit dedicated towards improving the lives of refugees from Myanmar.

August 2020

Tutorstars Basics Inc. is officially incorporated.

October 2020 

Tutorstars Basics Inc. expands to 70+ members.

January 2021

Three members of Tutorstars Basics Inc. are awarded the prestigous national service award.


August 2020

Tutorstars Basics Inc. is officially incorporated.

December 2020

Tutorstars Basics Inc. donates to Silver Lining Missions.

July 2021

Tutorstars Basics hosts its annual day of service and participants package Happy Hope Bags!

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