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Every Student Is a Star!

Why Tutorstars?

As a nonprofit, we pride ourselves in offering affordable education to all. Our nonprofit donates 100% of its profits towards multiple different organizations that help fight inequality within our community. To see our impact, click below:



To maximize students' learning, we provide three different learning mechanisms: group lessons, private lessons, and masterclasses through Tutorstars Basics Inc. Click the buttons to learn more!


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From the Students...

I just started taking this class and it is very fun. Usually, my teachers are very strict, not trendy, and boring (no offense), but not [tutor]. She makes this class enjoyable while teaching us a lot. In a few weeks of taking this class, I have been able to "defeat" my siblings when we argue (not that we argue 24/7). Not to just say it, but this is actually my favorite class.

- Ela Cui, Introdution to Debate Student


From the Parents...

Thank you so much for the tutoring service. kids learned a lot and also enjoy the friendship from the remote learning especially during this pandemic time. Keep up the good work and hope to see you often through this great tutoring service.

Parent of two students in the tutoring program

Your Journey Starts Today

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